Cheap 3D printer on Amazon

I am pretty sure, at least once, you asked yourself: What is the lowest you can spend to have a quality 3D print. Through my articles, I have always said that are lots of variables that determine the quality of the final product. But, how can you have a performant 3D printer at the lowest cost?

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gyroid infill pattern

Gyroid infill is another trick to use wisely, which can be really helpful if you want to reinforce the prints without excessive use of material. Moreover, like any natural structure, besides having amazing mechanical properties, it is also beautiful to the eye.

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Best print surface for PLA

I guess all of you stod there, watching the first layer getting printed and hoping for a perfect “first layer porn”; When we achieve that kind of first layer perfection, other than the satisfaction, we also know that most certainly the print from there will go great! It is well known that the path to achieving a successful print, starts from the first layer, without a perfect first layer we can have all sorts of problems; from bad adhesion to failed supports and many other issues.

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3D printer jerk acceleration

When it comes to optimizing your 3D printer, one of the aspects to consider is definitely the printing speed. The duration of a print is already eternal, so why not optimize this parameter properly? You may be wondering, “just raise the speed in the slicer”, yes ok you are right. But how far can we raise it without imploding the printer? Take some time and calmly follow these basic concepts related to movement speeds.

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Useful G-code dictionary

More and more often we need to surf across the web to find the correct Gcode for some task. Here you can find the most usefull ones.Gcode is a very basic language and allows us to control our machines and to make them perform in any matter. We can change the greetings text or add a low bit photo, send manual commands, and change printer settings.

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