gyroid infill pattern

Gyroid infill is another trick to use wisely, which can be really helpful if you want to reinforce the prints without excessive use of material. Moreover, like any natural structure, besides having amazing mechanical properties, it is also beautiful to the eye.

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Easy octoprint installation guide

Octoprint works on tiny computers like the raspberry P. It is easy to use and rich in features which makes it very personalizable. Through this mini operating system, we can add all sorts of plugins to have complete control of our printer. You can control it through a web page or directly on your smartphone. Thanks to the numerous apps that exist.

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3D printer jerk acceleration

When it comes to optimizing your 3D printer, one of the aspects to consider is definitely the printing speed. The duration of a print is already eternal, so why not optimize this parameter properly? You may be wondering, “just raise the speed in the slicer”, yes ok you are right. But how far can we raise it without imploding the printer? Take some time and calmly follow these basic concepts related to movement speeds.

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