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Revo Micro review, it is worth it?



After seeing in greater detail the Revo heaterCore, I will now analyze the Revo Micro. E3D, other than providing a solution to people who are used to the V6 system they made a new, slicker, and lighter body which is the Micro. The Micro is the third component of the Revo family, along with the Six and Hemera.
We will learn the benefits of this new product, and what type of consumer E3D is targeting. Is this hotend for you?

As I said in the previous article, E3D aims to create an entirely new ecosystem that should provide users with a much clever and faster way of changing the nozzles and eliminating all the complications.

Which printer is compatible with the Revo Micro ?

The Micro is compatible with all Revo products, for now. We have the heaterCore and the rapidChange nozzles.
In terms of compatibility, we should consider that being shorter, it may not be compatible with all printers without some major modifications. If the x-axis frame is wide it may never touch the surface. The good side is that it still has the grove to fit any M12 mounts, making it compatible with most V6 mountings. Also, the nut provides extra security but may be very large and will require more space.
For now, we only have three hotends types, but as E3D stated, there are announcing other new ones in the future.

Build quality

The Micro is a fullaluminum body except for the thread, which is nylon.
The body weight is astonishing. It weighs less than 30 grams which makes it the perfect hotend for fast accelerations and print speeds. Paired with a direct drive extruder, it should pack some serious speed.
The cooling fan is much smaller and quieter and at around 20mm, but the wires are thin and fragile.
Overall the body keeps to the E3D standards, and the build quality is excellent!

revo micro e3d
revo micro e3d

Print Quality.

The print quality with this hotend body is pretty much the same as with other hotends. Let’s say that the main improvement is the HeaterCore, but we are not talking about it in this article. We need to take into consideration also the nozzle, which is also a standalone product that you can see here in this review! Let’s say that the body lets you pack more speed.

What are the pro’s of the Revo micro

  • Smaller /lighter build
  • Quieter fan
  • Compatible with fast swap nozzles

What are the cons of the Revo micro?

  • It may not be compatible with all printers
  • Fragile fan wires
  • The thread needs lots of space around it

For who was the Revo micro made?

Revo Micro E3D

I can conclude by saying that the Revo Micro was made for those who want the fast swap system on their printers, so they can change nozzles in a second, but also wants a small and light hotend. It is very suited for small printers, such as the Prusa mini or similar. For now, the average consumer will be those persons who can design themselves the mount to integrate the hotend. And after some time, thanks to the open-source world, we will see more adoption.

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