e3d revo six review

E3D Revo Six review, what are the differences?



Today I’m going to talk about and review the Revo Six. An extruder body that belongs to the Revo ecosystem. The name comes from the precursor of this hotend, which is the V6. The Revo Six is an adaption of the V6, so it can be compatible with the rest of the Revo products ( RapidChange, HeaterCore).

e3d revo six

What is the Revo Six?

Essentially, the Revo Six is the same thing as the V6, with some small but not unnoticeable differences.

What are the differences between the Revo Six and the V6?

First of all, the body is fully anodized, and it comes in a nice shiny black to make it blend better with the rest of the printer.

Because the HeaterCore is much more compact, they’ve created an edge on the bottom part so the wires can pass easily as they are very close to the body. This also secures them in that small little groove so they don’t spin around too much.

One big difference seems to be the heaterbreak diameter, which seems smaller than the standard M6. This is to accommodate easily the rapidChange nozzles. The interface is the same as the Hemera.

e3d revo six interface hemera

No other big differences were seen other than the plastic support for the fan, which is transparent and not blue like my old V6.

Revo six specs

The dimensions and fan specs should be the same, as I stated, the only difference is the smaller heaterbreak interface.

What are the pros of the Revo Six?

Obviously, the biggest benefit of having the Revo Six, instead of a regular V6, is that you can use the rapidChange ecosystem, making swapping nozzles and basic work on the hotend very very easy.
You could get rid of the square heater block that is a pain

What are the cons of the Revo six

Obviously one of the biggest advantages of the Revo ecosystem is the small size and weight, but if you already have a V6 this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you plan to get a Prusa mini then you should consider the Revo Micro.


There isn’t much to talk about the Revo Six, mainly because if there isn’t anything to improve then let it be like that. The point is that the v6 body is already great, adding the heaterCore was the missing piece to make it a greater hotend

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