revo rapidchange nozzle review

E3D Revo RapidChange review



After presenting the Revo HeaterCore and the Revo Micro, our next stop will be the RapidChange Revo nozzles from E3D. These nozzles should make it less painful and much more straightforward making simple maintenance tasks on the hotends, such as cleaning and changing nozzles.

revo rapidchange nozzle

What is the Revo RapidChange?

The RapidChange is the new nozzle from E3D, compatible with the Revo ecosystem and with all the bodies in this line ( Micro, Thread, Hemera). It is a nozzle that doesn’t require any hot tightening or any tools. And should be much safer to use.

Revo RapidChange specs

The Revo RapidChange comes in a variety of 4 sizes at the moment, in the future, we will surely see other 2 sizes and an obsidian version!
Each nozzle is coded with a colored silicone band to determine the size. It is also engraved with the size and not with the dots anymore.
Also, the silicone band prevents plastics from building up on the thread.

One thing that I’ve liked very much, was that every nozzle comes with a plastic container to properly organize them.

Revo RapidChange print quality

The print quality for these nozzles is very similar to the V6 ones. I have noticed that the terminal part is more flattened around the hole. And there is more brass material around the terminal part, making it more resistant to abrasion and wear. Also, it flattens the layers, making them more squished.

What are the Revo RapidChange pros?

They are very user friendly

The installation is super straightforward as unscrewing a bottle tap. The fact that it doesn’t require any heat or tools makes it much easier for beginners to get some experience on how to handle a hotend.

Safety first

There is a smaller possibility to encounter wiring issues, thermal runaway, heating issues. Also, other things like burns when handling this nozzle is impossible, considering the fact that this nozzle withstands 300°C is very important.

Faster nozzle swaps and fewer broken parts

It is common to ruin the nozzlebreak or other parts when putting everything together. Let’s face it, whom of you didn’t break at least one thermistor or thread when changing the nozzles?

What are the cons of the Revo RapidChange?

The thing that bothers me a little about the RapidChange is the fact that it is somehow wasteful, needing to change the whole nozzlebreak with the nozzle means lots of waste.
Other than that, I presume that the cost will be slightly elevated than the V6 nozzles. It’s a good thing that the obsidian version should replace this problem, as you buy the nozzle once and you have it for life almost. The bras version will tear up very easily.

E3D Revo RapidChange


The RapidChange nozzles are the main player in the Revo ecosystem along with the HeaterCore, these 2 products are trying to change the 3D printing world and with change, we have to accept some compromises, this system will indeed come at a greater cost, but in the long run, I’m confident that by saving lots of time and headaches it pays itself.

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