E3D Revo ecosystem REVIEW.

Today we are going to talk about a fantastic innovation in the hotend world. Since the start of 3d printing, one of the most delicate and troublesome parts to handle was always the hotend. Well, thanks to E3D, which are pioneers in the hotend world, they finally made hotends easier and smarter.


What is the Revo ecosystem?

The Revo ecosystem is a proprietary hotend made from different products by E3D. It allows you to set up your hotend corresponding to your needs and knowledge. It is designed to be easy to use, performant but also very little. E3D introduced some features with the Revo that were new till today, or at least not very efficient.

Revo Micro E3D

For who is made the E3D Revo?

The Revo is made for basically any 3D printer user. The high performance and small dimensions make it desired by anyone. But it also offers a configuration type for beginners and people who don’t want to spend a lot of time swapping a nozzle.

Some of the parts of the Revo are also available for the Hemera. Any Hemera user can upgrade and have some benefits! And also they’ve created a V6 version so you don’t need to replace the mount.

Benefits of the E3D Revo Ecosystem.

As I stated, Revo is a modular ecosystem which means you can combine different parts and have different results. But regardless of the configuration, here are some of the benefits of the Revo:

Small and lightweight

All parts are half of the size of any competitor that offers a product similar to this price range. But the winner here is the new heatsink that comes with the Revo Micro. It can handle some extra speed thanks to its characteristics.

Nozzle easy to change without any tools

One of the main innovations of this product is the RapidChange nozzle which lets you swap the hotend in a matter of seconds in a very easy way. The spring mechanism keeps the HeaterCore together to facilitate the swap. 

Fast and performant heating chamber

Another great innovation is the HeaterCore which packs everything it needs: A small round body, heater, and integrated thermister.

Revo Micro E3D

Revo ecosystem products

As for today, the Revo ecosystem is made of only 5 products, but like any ecosystem, I think it is destined to grow. So I’m much confident that we will see more products in the future. For now, E3D provides an easy and modular way to swap nozzles and pack some power in small spaces. 

E3D Revo Micro (Thread)

The E3d Revo Micro is the heatsink that carries the main parts of the Revo ecosystem. It is very light, small, and permits ultra-fast printing speed due to the short length. The thread makes it super easy to maintain the hotend and to remove it fast from the printer. Combined with a direct drive it is a pleasure to print. 

revo micro e3d

E3D Revo RapidChange 

The E3D RapidChange is the main innovation in this new line of products as it provides lots of benefits. The first one is that you can swap nozzles in a matter of seconds. Just imagine passing from 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm without struggle, surely, you need to do the nozzle swap at room temperature, but it doesn’t require any tools or hot tightening

E3D Revo RapidChange

*Review on the Revo RapidChange Soon*

E3D Revo HeaterCore

The heart of this ecosystem is the new heater block called HeaterCore. It is a small, slim, fast, and potent heater. It packs 40w of power, and being so small makes it very suitable for advanced materials as it reaches 300°C in temperature. The most interesting feature in this heater block is the positive temperature coefficient which lowers the power when the heater gets too hot. Preventing any thermal runaway making it very safe!

Check out my Revo HeaterCore review HERE!

E3D Revo Hemera

Hemera is one of the top choices for direct drive extrusion and it packs years of knowledge and research.

The Revo Hemera should pack all the benefits of the Revo HeaterCore and Revo Micro but with the flexibility of the V6 nozzle ecosystem so you can use a variety of nozzles. Hemera is used with advanced materials, so having the power of the Revo HeaterCore and a direct drive makes printing materials like carbon fiber, peek, and ASA a child’s play.

E3D Revo V6

The Revo V6 was created for anybody who uses already a v6 system but doesn’t want to change the mount type. This is an easy way to benefit from the Revo Ecosystem without altering too much your printer.

Revo innovations

So what did E3D bring with the Revo? 

In my opinion, the main innovation is the RapidChange which is a nice feature that makes life easier for any maker. I’ve done plenty of nozzle swaps without removing the hotend from the printer. Which is great!

The second innovation, which is not a new idea, but they’ve applied it wonderfully, is the HeaterCore. It’s small light and has the perfect shape to fit on all printers. It is round! This shape is perfect for non-planar 3D printing and infinite z 3D printers, which print at a 45° angle.

Revo HeaterCore E3D

For now, this is the Revo ecosystem. What do you think about these products? 

What products would you like to see from E3D? 

Let me know in the comment section!

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