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3D Printing Resources 2020


3D Printing Resources

If you’re looking for a good place to get started learning about 3D printing, you can use the resources on this page.
If you have any suggestions for resources that should be added, please contact me and let me know.

3D Printing Books to Get You Started

The following is a list of books that will help you get started in understanding what 3D printing is, how the technology works, as well as some of the future implications the technology, will likely have. These are good starting points for anyone who isn’t familiar with 3D printing and wants to learn more about the technology.

3D Printing Failures: 2020 Edition: How to Diagnose and Repair ALL Desktop 3D Printing Issues

Whether you are new to 3D printing, or you have dozens of successful prints under your belt, this book is going to help you!
The authors have hours and hours of printing experience and they cover every little problem from bed adhesion to much more complicated electronic issues or general mechanical issues. If you’re struggling with a precarious DIY printer and need to learn more about improvements then this is the book you require. This book explains not only the ‘how to’ but importantly also the ‘whys’. Only knowing why certain things happen you move forward and learn more.

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3D Printers and Additive Manufacturing: The rise of industry 4.0

Over the years, there has been an increased demand for the manufacture of objects and products of high complexity, leading to the evolution of manufacturing processes. As a result, several technologies have been developed to try to support. Among these technologies, we can highlight the 3D printers, which in recent years has been shown a popularization in the global media. For this reason, the main goal of this book is to introduce basic concepts about all the main 3D printing technologies, presenting how 3D printers help industry 4.0 to rise.

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Functional Design for 3D Printing: Designing 3d printed things for everyday use – 3rd edition

This book focuses on pragmatic advice for designing useful parts that are strong enough to work in real-world applications. Topics such as infill, part orientation, overhangs and support, and other design considerations specific to FFM (fused filament manufacturing) are covered in great detail.
It’s superbly written, easy to follow, and for new starters who don’t have a lot of beans to spend. I love how the author gives so many resources on how you can get started using free or open-source software.

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Makers: The New Industrial Revolution

In this book, Wired magazine editor and bestselling author Chris Anderson gives you a sort of visionary, if not in-depth, look into the 3D printing industry. The book dives into the “maker” movement and explains how it stacks up against previous industrial revolutions. Overall this is probably one of the best books on 3D printing, especially for anyone who wants to get a look at the full potential of the industry.

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3D Printing: The Next Technology Gold Rush – Future Factories and How to Capitalize on Distributed Manufacturing

This book provides a general overview of 3D printing as well as some markets that individuals can get into through the use of a 3D printer. Ultimately, this is a decent book that will cover the basics of 3D printing, how to get started in it, and it will open your mind to the possibilities of 3D printing from a manufacturing and business point-of-view. A good read for any prospective printers.

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Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing

This well-written and informative overview of 3D printing is another good option for anyone looking to go over the basics of-and dive a little bit further into- 3D printing. The book covers what is being done in 3D printing today as well as provides a look at what the technology will be capable of in the future. If you’re new to 3D printing then this book will catch you up quickly.

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3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution

Another solid introduction into the world of 3D printing. Like the other books on this list, 3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution will give you a look at what 3D printing is and what it has the potential to become. It also covers who the players in the industry are and goes into a few of their backgrounds. Another great read for 3D printing beginners and veterans alike.

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Helpful 3D Printing Websites

3D printing is making waves across the internet. The recent rise in popularity for 3D printing has lead to the establishment of many online sites dedicated to 3D printing. What follows is a list (albeit a short one in the grand scheme of things) of helpful 3D printing sites.

  • 3D Print HQ: Not sure what all of those 3D printing terms and abbreviations mean? Check out 3D Print HQs 3D printing glossary!
  • Thingiverse: Thingiverse is perhaps the most important 3D printing site on the internet. On Thingiverse, you can find thousands of 3D printable things, including trinkets, jewelry, gears, models, figures, etc. Ultimately, if you want to find something cool to print on your new 3D printer, then Thingiverse is the place to go.
  • SculpteoSculpteo and Shapeways are similar in that they provide a platform where anyone can get their ideas professionally printer. So, if you want a prototype of something or just a cool trinket, Sculpteo will print it for you. For professional designers and printers, Sculpteo offers a platform to sell your designs.
  • ShapewaysAs mentioned above, Shapeways offers the same thing as Sculpteo: a platform to get your ideas printed, or to sell your designs to people who want them printed. Both platforms provide consumers with the ability to access professionally-printed 3D objects.
  • Mashable’s 3D Printing Section: A good section on Mashable that will help you stay updated on all the latest going on in the 3D printing industry.
  • Make MagazineMaker Media is the spearhead of the maker movement, which also happens to include home-based 3D printing. They offer a ton of resources, guides, and tutorials to help you get started in 3D printing.
  • MecSoft — 3D Printing Explained: MecSoft is a CAD/CAM software solutions company and so their involvement in 3D printing is understandable. As such, they’ve put together a thorough guide that explains what 3D printing is and how it works.
  • 3Dprintguides: Well, I couldn’t include a list of 3D printing sites without including my own. With 3Dprintguides.com I have three goals… First, to provide as much help as possible to 3D printing beginners, second to help spread the word and get people involved in 3D printing, and third, to develop a strong community.

Helpful 3D Printing Forums

Just like any other popular industry/topic out there, there are quite a few 3D printing forums available on the internet. In the future, 3D Forged will open up a forum and hopefully, it will help to strengthen the community, but if you’re looking for a thriving forum right now, the ones listed below are amazing resources for first-time printers and veterans alike.

  • 3D Print Board3D Print Board is one of the more popular 3D printing forums on the internet. The site has over 5,000 members and is approaching 6,000 threads.
  • SoliForumSoliForum is another thriving 3D printing forum. With over 7,500 members and approximately 7,250 topics posted, you can expect to get some help from SoliForum’s members.
  • Facebook 3D Printing CommunityThe 3D printing community on Google+ is enormous. With over 110,000 members, it is easily the largest congregation of 3D printing enthusiasts on the web.
  • 3D Printing SubredditThe 3D printing Subreddit is also a popular destination for 3D printing enthusiasts, boasting over 25,000 subscribed readers.

3D printing YouTube Channels

If you’re more of a visual learner then there are plenty of 3D printing-related YouTube channels to help you get acquainted with the technology. The following are some of the more popular 3D printing YouTube channels available.

3d printing educational resources

Thingiverse education

 This is a great tool for both teachers and students. It provides a safe way for scholars to navigate through possible projects and do remixes to create their own design. It provides an easy way for teachers to easily navigate through the courses.

Nasa 3D models 

Nasa provides some STL of their 3D projects, there is a huge gallery and some are quite interesting.

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3D printing resources 2020
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